Olive Verdi (G)

Green Olives.

Foccacia Rosmarino

Rosemary, Sea Salt and Olive Oil.

Bruschetta Pomodora (G)

Garlic Bread Topped with Tomatoes, Olive Oil Garlic & Basil.

Insalata Mista (G)

Side Salad.

Patate Fritte (G)

French Fries.

Pane all Aglio e Mozzarella (G)

Garlic Bread & Mozzarella.

Pane all Aglio (G)

Garlic Bread.


Insalata di Carne (G)

Strips of Beef Fillet, Sundried Tomato, Rockette & Parmesan.

Insalata Caesar Pollo (G)

Chicken Salad with Classic Caesar Dressing.